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Deer Park Community Advisory Council

Deer Park Community Advisory Council (DPCAC) builds a true partnership between Houston Ship Channel  industry and community in Deer Park, Texas  At meetings held 9-10 times a year, we provide a forum for candid conversation about industry-related issues of community interest or concern.

Open, honest dialogue makes plant members aware of what the community expects of them.  It helps community members understand what plants do and how they work.

The primary issues we address are environment, safety, health, security, emergency response and communications, and hazardous materials transportation.  We also discuss other quality of life issues like the economy and education.

DPCAC currently has 27 community members plus several Deer Park High School student members. They include individuals who live, work or attend school in Deer Park, and representatives of organizations and government entities serving Deer Park. 

Twenty plant members represent 15 industrial facilities in Deer Park, including chemical plants, a refinery, storage terminals, hazardous waste management firms, and related facilities. See DPCAC Plant Directory.

DPCAC celebrated its 25th Anniversary in March 2015.  Historical highlights were documented in a 25th Anniversary History booklet.

"Question of the Month" 

Q.  What Is Burned in an Incinerator?

A.  Clean Harbors is a permitted incineration facility in Deer Park that stores and treats hazardous, non-hazardous, Toxics Substances Control Act, and medical waste. Clear Harbors also provides incineration services for witness burns to the Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and various police forces.  One of its kilns can burn 20,909 lbs/hr of waste at 1906 0 Fahrenheit or more and 16,848 lbs/hr of liquids in its afterburner at 2112 0 F.  A second kiln can burn 23,545 lbs/hr at a normal operating temperature of 1968 0 F. The rotary reactor kiln can handle 15,892 lbs/hr of soils and other materials at 1429 0 F.  The facility is permitted to burn both solid and liquid hazardous waste. Haircolor is one of the common nonhazardous wastes they incinerate.  (#7 – November 2016 – Clean Harbors Deer Park)

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Deer Park Community Advisory Council

Annual "State of the Plants" Reports
DPCAC plants report their 2016 achievements and their 2017 goals and plans.

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2017 Calendar

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